Pesticide Use


The University has contracted with outside firms to handle pest control on our grounds and in our buildings. Pest control problems should be brought to the attention of Building Services. The use of pesticides on University property other than by trained professionals is generally prohibited, with the following exceptions:

  1. Residential Use. A resident of a University-owned rental unit may apply general use pesticides in and around the unit in which he or she lives.
  2. Laboratory Use. An employee may apply general use pesticides in his or her laboratory with approval from Environmental Health and Safety.
  3. Grounds. Applications may be performed by University employees who have made arrangements to be trained, registered with the State, and are performing the work under the "direct supervision" of a pesticide professional who is certified by the State in the category of the application.

Food Preparation, Service or Storage Areas

The use of any pesticide in areas where food for human consumption is prepared, served or stored is prohibited except by professionals certified by the State.

Adopted June 1984 by the Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (now ESRM)
Updated February 2017 by ESRM

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