It’s Official: Tigers Love TigerSafe!

Nov. 19, 2018

With over 2400 downloads, the TigerSafe app has become an integral part of the campus culture at Princeton.

As of Nov. 19, the TigerSafe safety app has been downloaded over 2400 times—that’s a lot of tigers! Downloads and use of the app continue to grow by leaps and bounds as more students, faculty and staff hear about TigerSafe’s sophisticated tools and resources for staying safe.

Here are some of the comments we’ve heard:

“I actually use it all the time. The interactive campus map and real-time bus tracking are really helpful.”

“I like how the emergency response guides are in the app, not links to websites that have to load.”

“The Friend Walk feature is really cool and works anywhere. We used it when we were in D.C.”

“The custom shelter location maps and simulcast viewing area maps were a great asset during Commencement.”

Great Features

Developed by Environmental Health and Safety in partnership with Public Safety, TigerSafe includes:

  • Friend Walk: Real-time peer-to-peer tracking allows a friend to watch you as you walk to your destination, and alert authorities of your location if you do not arrive. 
  • Take Action Guides: Vital information for a variety of emergency situations. 
  • Maps and Bus Tracking: Real-time bus locations, TigerTransit route info, blue light map and interactive campus map.
  • Support Services: Campus health and wellness resources. 
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts: For reporting incidents, tips or concerns. 
  • Special Events: Customized information during Commencement, First Year Families Weekend and many other events. 

Download TigerSafe for free from the App Store or Google Plus:

If you have any questions or to learn more, contact EHS at or 609-258-5294.