Transferring Radioisotopes Between Princeton University Laboratories

Transfers of radioactive materials between Princeton University Authorized Users are permitted under the following conditions:

  • Transfers of sealed sources or plated sources are not permitted without written authorization from EHS.
  • Transfer of open sources are permitted under the following conditions:
    • The lab which originally possesses the material (the transferring lab) is responsible for ensuring that the lab asking to receive the material (the recipient lab) is authorized to possess the radioisotope in question, prior to the transfer.
    • In order to determine whether the recipient laboratory is appropriately authorized, the transferring laboratory may either contact EHS to inquire about the recipient laboratory’s authorization prior to the transfer or the transferring lab may follow the EHS web-based procedure for verifying the recipient’s lab’s authorization and for sending e-mail notification of the transfer to EHS. If the transferring laboratory uses the web-based procedure, prior notification to EHS and prior approval by EHS of the transfer is not required.
    • The transferring lab must make a notation on the original Vial Use Log indicating that the transfer has occurred.
    • When appropriate (for example, when an entire vial is being transferred), EHS will make the appropriate inventory adjustments and will provide the recipient lab with a new Vial Use Log for the transferred vial.
    • Transfers must comply with requirements for transporting materials, as described in the Princeton University Radiation Safety Manual.

Established February 2004 by the Radiation Safety Committee.

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Stephen Elwood
Radiation Safety Officer