University ID Badge Policy

Identification of employees and contractors performing work in University buildings

University administration services unit personnel (e.g. Facilities, OIT, Environmental Health and Safety, Public Safety, University Services, etc.) and those they contract, frequently enter campus buildings to install, service or maintain equipment, conduct surveys or inspections, or for other University business purposes. Often these employees and contractors are unfamiliar to building occupants and, in the absence of a means to determine whether they are there for legitimate purposes, cannot be distinguished from people who do not belong and whose presence may pose safety risks to occupants and security risks to personal and University property. In an effort to enhance safety and security in our facilities, the following policy has been adopted by the Environmental, Safety, and Risk Management Committee:

For work in academic, administrative, and athletic facilities:

University administration services unit personnel and contractors not accompanied by a representative of the host department, who are planning to perform work in non-public areas of a building (e.g. laboratories, private offices, server rooms, mechanical spaces, etc.) must:

  • For work conducted before or after normal University business hours, notification in advance of the planned work must be made to the host department***. This can be accomplished either via phone or e-mail (a list of departmental representatives with contact information is available at or in person at the departmental office.
  • During normal University business hours, staff members are encouraged to notify the department when they plan to visit or perform work in areas where a mechanical or card key is required for access.

For work in academic, administrative and athletic facilities, the host department notification requirement does not apply to Building Services or Special Facilities personnel normallyassigned to the building, Public Safety officers in uniform, staff supporting scheduled events (e.g. Media Services), IT staff responding to network impairments, or during responses to emergencies. This requirement also does not apply to work initiated through the Facilities work order system, unless the individual submitting the request has indicated on the work order form that notification is necessary.

* Lanyards must have a “safety breakaway” feature to prevent entanglement. The preferred color is orange.
** A University building is considered occupied unless it has been taken off-line for maintenance or renovation and the normal occupants temporarily relocated.
*** Work requiring multiple visits or extending over a significant time period, requires only notification of the initial visit.

For work in University housing, including dormitories:

  • University administration services unit personnel and their contractors entering University housing must prominently display a University ID badge (e.g. on a lanyard). Project managers or others responsible for overseeing the work of contractor employees in Housing and Real Estate Services properties must obtain Contractor/Visitor badges per established Tiger Card Office procedures.
  • For work conducted by contractors in occupied spaces, escorts are required. With the approval of Housing and Real Estate Services, any Princeton University employee may act as an escort. However, arrangements must be made in advance by contacting the Housing and Real Estate Services Office at 609-258-3460 or 609-258-8000.

Adopted February 15, 2011 by Environmental, Safety and Risk Management Committee

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