SawStop Table Saws

SawStop Table Saw

The University requires the use of SawStop technology on all tables saw purchases and no table saw may be placed into service if it is not equipped with SawStop.  This requirement extends to saws currently in storage or whenever a table saw is transferred from one shop or department to another.

If you discover that your group or shop owns a table saw that is not equipped with SawStop technology, please remove it from service immediately and contact Kelly States at 258-2648. 

Any brake activation involving a SawStop device that is the result of a person coming into contact with the blade must be reported to EHS and the injured person (no matter how minor the injury) must be treated at University Health Services.  In all such cases, the braking device must be retained and provided to EHS for analysis by SawStop. 

You can learn more about SawStop at


Kelly States
Assistant Director

Jamie McQuaid
Program Manager

Stephen Elwood
Associate Director