Workplace Layout

One of the best ways to avoid workplace strains and sprains is to design a workspace that reduces injury risk factors. Factors to consider include:

  • Height of the work to be performed: Workers should be able to sit or stand erect without having to lean forward. Storage should be organized such that the heaviest items are stored between knee and shoulder height to avoid bending and reaching overhead.
  • Standing workstations: Long-term standing can place excessive stress on the back and legs. Where long-term standing is required, a footrest or rail, resilient floor mats, height-adjustable chairs or stools, and opportunities for workers to change positions should be provided.
  • Seated workstations: Chairs should be fully adjustable, especially where workstations are used by multiple users.
  • Overhead storage: If items must be stored overhead, a warehouse ladder, stepstool or other means should be provided to achieve better lifting conditions.


Kelly States
Assistant Director

James McQuaid
Program Manager

Shaundree Davis
Senior Program Manager