Lift Plans

Crane Beam delivery

Lift Plans

A lift plan must be provided to the Princeton University Project Manager for review and approval, prior to performing any lifting operations. The lift plan must include:

  • The type, size, model, lifting capacity, certification date and serial number of the crane to be used.
  • A list of items to be lifted/moved, including a description of each item’s weight, dimensions, center of gravity, and presence of hazardous toxic materials.
  • The plan may include sketches showing lifting points, methods of attachment, sling angles, load vectors, boom and swing angles, crane orientations, related capacities, and other factors affecting the equipment and lifting operation.
  • The name of the Operator, Rigger and Competent Person.
  • Applicable rigging to be used as well as precautions and safety measures.
  • A pre-lift meeting to review the plan, must be held before the actual lift, and be attended by the operator rigger(s), competent person and others as required.

A Critical Lift Plan and Critical Lift Checklist must be completed by the subcontractor and submitted to Princeton University Project Manager when any of the following conditions exist:

  • The load exceeds 75 % of the crane’s load chart
  • Whenever the load and/or travel radius is expected to travel over any portion of an occupied building
  • The load exceeds 100 tons
  • If the lift involves multiple cranes, a system must be instituted by the controlling entity to coordinate operations.
  • The crane is being used to lift personnel
  • Princeton University has determined that the plan and checklist are necessary


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