Utility Mark-out (New Jersey One-Call System)

The State of New Jersey requires that the location of underground installations (e.g., sewer, telephone, electrical, fuel, natural gas, water and other lines, as well as underground tanks) must be identified and marked out prior to work that involves any digging operation. Activities covered by this requirement include, but are not limited to, excavations or trenching, blasting, installation of tents, sign posts, or fence posts, removing or planting of trees, or the planting of a new garden.

New Jersey One-Call must be contacted at 1-800-272-1000 at least three (3) full working days, but not more than ten (10) days, prior to the planned start date of the digging operations. In the event of an emergency (e.g., broken water line, etc.) that will require an excavation, the One-Call system operator must still be contacted. The One-Call system operator has an emergency response procedure that includes the immediate dispatch of mark-out technicians.  The Princeton University Civil Engineering Manager or his designate should also be contacted prior to conducting any digging operation on campus. The Civil Engineer is most familiar with all underground voids, steam tunnels, vaults, etc. that are located on campus.

New Jersey One Call System

Image Source:  New Jersey One Call - www.nj1-call.org/



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