Scaffold Training

Scaffold planning, erection, and use require different levels of training.  Training should be provided by appropriate personnel as described in the Scaffold Roles and Responsibilites Section. Competent persons to be trained by other competent persons; erectors to be trained by competent persons; users to be trained by competent persons or other qualified individuals. Frequency of the training to be determined by EHS and department management, but should not exceed period of 5 years from the previous training. Refresher training also to be provided whenever there is an indication that the individual in question, whether they be a competent person, erector, user, or qualified person, exhibits a lack of understanding of the manufacturer, local, state, and federal requirements associated with the inspection, erection, or use of scaffolds. Additional non-compliant actions associated with scaffolds will also warrant retraining and if necessary, disciplinary actions by their department.

Scaffolding Erector Training


Scaffold Competent Person Training


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